Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Philippines and the Olympics

2008 and another year without bringing any medal.
The last time the Philippines brought home a medal was back in 1996 courtesy of Onyok Velasco (Atlanta Olympics 1996)
Now what does this say about our country? We sent 15 delegates to the Olympics and not even one added to our total tally of medals. Kahit Mongolia nga naka gold medal na sa boxing. The Philippine Sports Commission should be held liable for the results. They shouldn't send athletes there just for the sake of being there but to show excellence in the sport. They're just wasting the people's money while these officials get the perks of going to Beijing and enjoying themselves.
Kahit na wala tayong nakuha this time, I would like to congratulate all those Filipino athletes who worked hard in their respective events.
But seriously, the Philippine sports organizations should have a complete overhaul so that we would do better next time around. This is a lesson for all us. We can't let the bosses at the Philippine Sports Commision keep getting away with this. They're cheating the Filipino people and our athletes while the sports program in our country rots.

And by the way, we don't go to the Olympics to break Philippine records.

P.S. Congratulations to the Philippine Wushu team for bringing home the gold.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philippine All-Stars wins the 2008 World Hiphop Championship

I know this news is already a few days old but we have to feature and be proud of our kababayans who competed in Las Vegas, Nevada with virtually no funding from the Philippine government.

To those who have not seen their performance, here is a video on Youtube

This is their award winning performance.
The ones participating in this routine are:
1. Kenneth Serrano
2. Laurence Chua
3. Raegan Cornelio
4. Maya Carandang
5. Kyxz Mendiola
6. Jong Mesina
7. Patrick Caballa

Ginebra claims PBA 2008 Fiesta Cup over Air21

In a game that saw a 16 point lead deficit overcome by Air21 at the final quarter, the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings with their import Chris Alexander defeated the Air21 Express in Game 7 with the score of 97-84.

Even though I rooted for the Air21 Express, I would like to congratulate the Ginebra Gin Kings for winning their 2nd championship under Jong Uichico.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The RP-MILF deal (What happens if we let the MILF deal go through)

The GRP-MILF AGREEMENT has incited a lot of controversy
Many Muslims and Christians alike in Mindanao don't want this deal to go through

Because many of us think that this will only benefit the following parties:

The MILF - they get Mindanao, kick off all the stupid Christians from the island and basically get their own country where they get to do whatever they want. Possibly invade the Visayas next.

President Arroyo - she wants to betray the Filipino people who still trust in the government. This deal will involve changing the constitution which can open up her possibilities to extend her power to benefit her cronies (do you smell Marcos?)

the foreigners who want to take advantage of this disunity - (want access to resources all the way from Sulu to the Spratlys - remember these areas have a lot of untapped resources)

The propagators of this deal are brats and unwanted in our society

Look at the future Philippine map:

I still believe in Pres Arroyo and the Supreme Court of the Philippines. I hope they reject this "deal" and make one that truly serves the purpose of having a peaceful MINDANAO with equal rights to all Filipinos.

This is not a deal. THIS IS A SELL-OUT!
Think of all the countless Filipino soldiers who died in Mindanao
Think of all the displaced people in a pointless war which affects both innocent Christians and Muslims alike.

DOWN with the MILF DEAL!