Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama means hope in Tagalog

Chris Cabaldon, a six term mayor West Sacramento has Filipino American roots. And at a rally, he proclaimed, “In Tagalog, ‘Obama’ Means Hope.”
Silence soon followed afterwards.
With Tagalog as one of the most dynamic dialects in the world, this could probably become true.

You may think that what happens in the US, does not affect the Philippines.
Sorry to break your bubble but YES it does!

The Filipinos and the rest of the world needs an American leader that knows how to make this world a relatively better place.
We do not need another American president who only knows how to go to war.

American policies greatly affect what happens to the rest of the world.
Let me cite the reasons why Barack Obama, an African American candidate deserves the Filipino-American vote.

He co-sponsored the Filipino Veterans Equity Act, he passed a law in Illinois to combat racial profiling and Obama has been paving the way for immigration reforms.

Now tell me, what does John McCain have over Barack Obama?

Kaya Natin!

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