Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pinoy Business Idea: Ubuntu Internet Cafe

Planning to start your own internet cafe for an initial investment of as low as P35,000.00?
That's 5 computers for P35,000 only.
Seriously? Yup. It is an offering from that would help Filipino entrepreneurs start up their own small business.

Why so cheap? By using open-source software (take note: not M$ Windows), you take all those unnecessary software costs out.
This type of business would be perfect targetting those people who go to cafes simply to surf the Net or do some encoding.

With an expected 5 to 6 months return of investment period (as their site claims), it would be easy to recover your investements.

Personal Notes:
If you have doubts regarding the Ubuntu operating software, worry no more. I have experienced using Ubuntu and one thing I could say is... it's great! (Once they make installing games user-friendly, there would be no reason to use Windows ever again.)

Great and cool-looking user interface... and it's FREE!
Say no to piracy, switch to open source.

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